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Jackfruits your #getfitfriday fruit and makes a great vegan meat substitute.

Imagine you’re sinking your teeth into a saucy mouthful of juicy, pulled pork  – only to find out you’re not eating meat at all, but the versatile Jackfruit. That’s right, Jackfruit is your new meat free, meat substitute that works a treat in burgers with slaw, tacos, a fiery curry and even desserts.


Jackfruit  has a subtle sweet and fruity flavour profile. It is reportedly high in potassium to support the development, maintenance and recovery of muscles and is also full of fibre.


Available in versatile freezer packs, these are ready for on-the go cooking and lighten the load in prep work in the kitchen.

  • Keep frozen in refrigerator. Thaw when ready to consume.

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