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Australian Garlic is a flavour powerhouse with a pungent, spicy profile that mellows considerably once cooked.


Our love for garlic has spanned several thousand years and was even known to ancient Egyptians and Romans as both a food flavouring and a traditional medicine. Today garlic remains a fundamental component in many dishes around the world, including most of Asia, the Middle East and Arabic cooking, northern Africa, Southern Europe and parts of Latin America. In European cuisine garlic is lightly smoked and particularly popular when stuffing poultry and game, as well as being used to flavour soups, stews and dressings. As a dressing garlic may be emulsified with olive oil to produce aioli and is a key component in hummus, an Arabic dip comprised of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and salt.


Australia’s pristine environment and ideal climate mean we can grow safe, premium quality garlic that is of an exceptional standard.

  • Store in a dry place to keep it dormant and inhibit sprouting.

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