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fresh produce
Merchant St Wholesalers

We love fresh produce

Merchant St Wholesalers are merchants for some of the finest growers Australia wide – so we can consistently deliver whole range of quality, fresh produce each and every day of the week.

Our passion for supplying produce that looks, lasts and tastes better has lead to us collaborating exclusively with some of the finest growers in delivering quality, HACCP approved, fresh produce that is naturally better for you.

Delight in our fresh produce offering which includes specialty, seasonal lines such as our authentic Australian Natives, full range of organic produce and more.

Merchants for produce that looks, lasts & tastes better

Sweet baby cherry tomatoes

It's a classic spring into spring juice recipe

Locally grown Oranges are now in season and there’s no better way to get a daily dose of vitamin C, and fend off coughs and colds, then to squeeze your own fresh juice. The fresher the oranges, the more nutrients each glass of freshly squeezed juice will contain…

More squeeze less sneeze

Warrigal greens and sea parsley pesto

By Simon Bryant

Nothing beats this tasty pesto specially created by Simon Bryant for Outback Pride Fresh – Super easy to make ahead of time and store… mmm delicious…

Local eats and treats

Authentic Australian natives are now in-store

Outback Pride Fresh have a complete range of Australian Natives to whet the appetite and keep you inspired…

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