Merchants For Produce That Looks, Lasts & Tastes Better
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We love fresh produce

Merchant St Wholesalers are merchants for some of the finest growers Australia wide – so we can consistently deliver whole range of quality, fresh produce each and every day of the week. Our passion for supplying produce that looks, lasts and tastes better has lead to us collaborating exclusively with some of the finest growers in delivering quality, HARPS approved, fresh produce that is naturally better for you.

Delight in our fresh produce offering which includes specialty, seasonal lines such as our authentic Australian Natives, full range of organic produce and more.

Merchants for produce that looks, lasts & tastes better

Authentic Australian Natives Are Now In-store

We have a complete range of South Australian grown, Australian Natives to whet the appetite and keep you inspired in the kitchen. If you’re looking to start your native, culinary adventure we’ll find the right selection of natives for you wth a range of seasonal native fruits, seeds, flowers, leaves and more.

Local eats and treats

for holt farming
Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are in season now and the sweetest of the crop as a healthy, tasty, low starch alternative to white potatoes. We’re proud to have some of the finest Sweet Potatoes in store as the exclusive SA wholesaler for Holt Farming Australia.

we love
Ryan's Melons

There’s no better time than when it’s melon season! Ryan’s Melons have some of the sweetest tasting melons around, including the sweet and refreshing ‘Hello’ melon, the Christmas melon as well as long time favourites the Honeydew and Rockmelon.

It's Baby Broccoli time

Who doesn’t love these tender baby broccoli heads. As Bulmer Farms exclusive wholesale partner for South Australia we have these tender, baby broccoli heads all year round. They’re mild, peppery sweet, entirely edible (even the stalks) and easy to prepare – just don’t make the mistake of over cooking them.

Salad Made Easy

The freshest salads are grown and packed right here in South Australia. Our locally grown salads are picked, packed and delivered within 24 hours of harvest – for absolute freshness and taste. We have a range of the freshest leaves including a bite-y rocket, tender baby spinach a sweet mix of the freshest in season leaves and more – all grown locally with low foodmiles in support of our SA farmers.

Goodness Me Cherry Tomatoes

The best cherry tomatoes will be sweet, succulent and popping with great taste and goodness. Our Goodness Me Cherry Tomatoes are being picked locally now and are a burst of sunshine morning, noon and night…

full of flavour
& in-store today

As passionate growers P’Petual are leaders in their field, continually researching and trialling new varieties to ensure they’re growing and supplying the best produce available to market (with a few fresh, healthy and new varietal surprises along the way). We’re so in love we’re stocking the entire AusFresh P’Petual range .


News Flash… This baby is the cutest new fresh produce to arrive in store with vibrant green leaves and crisp, tender stalks that are less stringy and far sweeter than your usual celery.