It’s all good news – cause Spring is just around the corner.
With the warmer weather upon us it’s nothing but good news in the market with some exciting new produce lines exclusive to merchant St Wholesalers to get you warmed up.

Australian Grown New Zealand Yams

Australian Grown New Zealand Yams are here! – and they’re firm with a bright colour (they’re everything you’d want in a Yam!). These sweet tubers are small (about the size of a thumb) and are a gorgeous pink to white colour with a slightly shiny, ribbed surface. Yams are one of the highest vegetable sources of carbohydrate and a good source of folate, vitamin A (from beta-carotene) and vitamin B6. Best of all they’re easy to prepare – simply give them a good scrub and boil or steam to minimise their oxalate levels and may be served whole, mashed or used sliced in stir fries. To emphasise their natural sweetness you’ll find they’ll pair well with ginger, orange or sweet and sour sauces.

Dolci Navels

The Dolci Navel has arrived. The Dolci Navel was stumbled upon in 2009 in Leeton, NSW and is a hybrid variation from the well known Washington Navel. the Dolci has a very unique bronzed colour skin with a flesh that is bursting with sweetness and juicyness. It’s sweetness is the real surprise with the Dolci variety far sweeter than your Washington Navel.
Be quick to try this sweet surprise as it’s a limited season.


The Tomberry is the latest tomato variety that has caused a stir in the market place owing to their teeny, tiny size and versatility. The Tomberry is the world’s smallest tomato measuring between .5 to 1cm in diametre. Although petit these red gems are juicy and full of flavour. Being so small, they bring a real pop of colour and flavour to a dish – and could even be used as a garnish to drinks and desserts (assuming you achieved the right balance of flavours). Try a sprinkling in a salad, soup, pasta or pizza and make sure you tag us so we can see what you’re all up to @MerchantStWholesalers.


Now is a great time to start incorporating Australian Asparagus into your all-day breakfast menu. Australian Asparagus supply is improving with prices continuing to settle. As the weather continues to warm up and Spring arrives pricing will only get better and better.


Tomato supply is also improving along with their colour. As more product comes into market prices we are seeing pricing start to ease.

Sweet Corn

Sweetcorn quality and supply has improved also with prices coming back.


Limes are continuing to shorten in supply and it is not yet known to when prices will peak or when they will begin to come back. We will provide further updates once we know where Limes are heading.


Australian red grapes will finish within the next week with new season Australian white grapes not expected to arrive until the end of the month (weather permitting). We will be keeping a close eye on new season grapes to ensure produce is firm and sweet to taste. In the meantime to fill the gap we will look to changing over to USA grown grapes.