2020 has started with a real bang!
Fresh produce supply has been severely affected throughout the New Year by fires and more recently severe flash flooding. Heavy rain in Queensland is affecting both picking cycles and farm access, as well as logistics/freight forwarding. Consequently the supply of pineapples, lemons, bananas and sweet potato is extremely tight.
Further supply issues have come as a result of the Coronovirus (Covid19) which has crippled many shipping lines and put a sudden halt to imported produce lines coming out of China.
Not all is bad news though, with the comfortable and consistent weather in some areas providing improved growing conditions for line such as broccoli, cauliflowers and cucumbers. For these lines both quality and supply is excellent, and expected to continue
over the coming weeks.


Due to the current lock down in China, in response to the Coronavirus (COVID19), peeled garlic has become extremely short in supply which has in turn lead to a lift in pricing. Quarantine restrictions has meant that many of China’s primary growing regions are having difficulty accessing ports. The shutdown of key ports and restricted flights has only served to exacerbate the situation.
Imported garlic from South America and Spain are however in good supply. The quality is very good with product better priced than the Chinese garlic that is presently available to market. Local Australian grown garlic is also in very good supply.

Baby Spinach

There are a number of products that have been affected by heavy rain and hail throughout North Queensland and the East Coast. Baby spinach has been severely affected by a combination of hail storms and heat waves. As a delicate, leafy green, product has had no time to recover or replenish in meeting consumer demand.
Whilst product quality has been reasonable (not at its best, nor its worst) we are expecting both quality and availability to increase as the weeks progress (subject to weather conditions). If weather remains mild and consistent we would expect supply to improve within the next week or so.


Beans are another line affected by the recent heavy rain and hail.
Whilst last week we saw a significant drop in the price of beans, this week we are seeing a lift in price. Good news is that the quality of our handpicked beans remains very good.
Whilst machine beans are available in market we are currently only selling the superior handpicked beans. These offer far better value for money than machine picked beans as they will look and last longer. As always, when prices are high we ensure you still receive best product in market, so you can expect optimum shelf life and yield for your purchase.


Our local South Australian stone fruit continues to flow through in very good supply and quality.
Whilst apricots and cherries which have finished their season
respectively, peaches and nectarines will continue for a further 2-3 weeks with some of the best tasting varieties becoming available to see the season out.
We can also expect to see an increase in plum varieties as the season progresses to its peak. Make sure you try some of the exciting varieties on offer.


The Adelaide Hills Royal Gala apple season has begun.
As more fruit becomes available prices will start to come back.
Now that picking has started for the Royal Gala’s, it won’t be long before we see new season Adelaide Hills Fuji, Granny Smith and Pink Lady Apple varieties.


New Season local Pear varieties including the Beurre Bosc (brown) and Red Sensation are now available. In the coming weeks we will have available new season local Nashi Pears (20th Century variety). The 20th Century Nashi produces the most perfectly rounded, yellow fruit. Fruit is incredible crisp with more juice than any other variety, making it a particular treat for Nashi lovers.