Punnets of plump and juicy strawberries are available along with Honeydew, Rockmelon and Watermelon and an abundance of fresh vegetables and salads, these being at their absolute best throughout the summer months.


New season, locally grown Rockmelon and Honeydew melon are in abundance with a strong supply expected to continue over the coming weeks. Fruit is an excellent quality, offering very good size, colour and flavour. Prices are extremely low at the moment and are expected to remain low over the coming weeks as there are plenty of melons to go around. They’re perfect for summer fresh fruit platters, snacks and sorbets. Seedless watermelon is also in very good supply and offering exceptional good quality with the average size is around the 7-8kg mark. 


The Adelaide Hills Plum season has started and fruit quality is absolutely fantastic. The Donsworthy (blood plum) is the first variety to come into fruit with the Mariposa and Satsuma Plum varieties expected to be become available within the next 2 weeks. Plum varieties are usually expected to change or cross over every 3 weeks on average depending on the weather conditions and how the fruit ripens. 


We are into the last weeks that Australian Cherries will be available so get your orders in quickly before the season officially ends. Adelaide Hills Cherries will continue for approximately 2 weeks. From then on Tasmanian grown cherries will be available for a further 2 weeks. 


 Lemon lovers can rejoice as prices continue to hold rather firm with USA lemons remaining the best value buy at the moment. Imported lemons from Egypt have been filtering through, but are a composite quality with marked skins and a dull colour. We will begin to see more new season QLD grown lemons come into Adelaide late next week (around mid-January) as harvesting, packing and shipping commence. Prices are expected to still hold rather firm throughout the month. 


Thank God – new season ‘young Ginger’ is here! New season ‘young Ginger’ (the perfect juice refresher), is now available and priced far more attractively than mature Ginger. We have just started to pass the gap in the growing stages that lead to a tight supply of Ginger for the past month (which had inturn lifted the price significantly). We can now offer both options of either new season ‘young Ginger’ and old season ‘mature Ginger.’ 

Baby Broccoli

Baby broccoli supply has continued to improve with no expected produce shortages moving forward. Quality has continued to remain extremely good and prices have come back from where they were at leading into and after the Christmas/holiday period. 


All pumpkin varieties such as Kent, butternut and QLD Blue are all new season and excellent quality at the moment. 

Sweet Corn

New Season local Sweetcorn is also fantastic quality and great value, perfect for summer evening barbeque’s. 

Local Produce – Tomato, Eggplant, Zucchini and more

Tomato, Eggplant, Zucchini and Cucumbers are all excellent quality and in good supply as we continue with what’s been a bumper, local summer season. You can get behind our local growers by supporting these staple lines. 


Australian summer grown Asparagus has now started. This year is a first with Summer asparagus expected to be available throughout most of the summer period. At this time of the year we are usually balancing Australian grown Asparagus with imported product. However, this year is different. South American Asparagus growers have experienced extreme shortages in yields, along with interruptions to air freight. Currently supply is still rather tight, but if weather remains fine then can be hopeful that supply will remain fair over the coming months. Expect prices to remain high as yields are low and there is extra work needed in protecting crops throughout warmer weather. 


Hand Picked Stringless Beans have increased in price as crops for premium grade beans are rather low. Particular growing regions have been experiencing heavy rains which has affected supply. In order to maintain a quality product, growers must put extra time into grading and packing. Although there is a fairly heavy supply of machine picked and 2nd grade beans available, as expected the quality is very poor with no guarantee on shelf life. We would sugest to choose wisely based on your kitchen requirements. 

Riverland Produce

The fruit fly out-break in the South Australian Riverland, has caused an interruption in supply of a few varieties of fruits which we all look forward to (and love) at this time of year. Riverland grown Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and Figs have all been affected and are now requiring fumigation prior to sale. At this stage Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots are expected to continue over the next 6-8 weeks, however expect to see some fluctuations in product availability throughout the season. Due to the outbreak we are currently reliant on QLD grown figs. Fig supply is sporadic so prices are expected to remain rather high until local Adelaide Hills grown fruit begins in February. 

Apples and Pears

The fun is nearly over as our local Adelaide Hills Apple season draws to an end, with only a limited amount of good-quality varieties and fruit sizing currently in market. Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples will continue through with a fair supply as we fall out from the apple season. Whilst Royal Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Fuji varieties have all finished, new season apples are just around the corner and due to commence from the 3rd week of February (thereabouts). Supply of Victorian Pears will remain in place until the 20th of January, when local fruit is again available. New Season South Australian Duchess Pears will be the first variety to make an appearance. These pears are the pear-fect addition to a platter or in a fresh, summery salad.