December through to February is when South Australian produce is in abundance. This is stonefruit season with mangoes, nectarines, peaches, plums and cherries all in season. 


Supply of the Kensington Pride is very sporadic at the moment with fruit being very hit and miss in terms of availability and fruit quality. Until new growing regions for this variety commence (after Christmas) we will continue to supply the Calypso mango. The Calypso is a market success with its firm flesh, stunning consistent blush and decadent sweet and juicy, fibreless flesh. the Calypso is currently the best eating variety available and has the longest shelf life. 


New Season Australian Lychee’s are available. Whilst it’s a soft start to the season, fruit is well sized and has great flavour.


Adelaide Hills Packham Pears have started to tapper off in availability and quality of fruit (more on appearance then flavour). There could be a slight gap in supply before the new season Duchess Pears begin but that is a little hard to say as it is determined by current demand to whether or not there will be enough old season pears available before new season is picked and ready for Market. 


Lemon prices have started to ease as USA grown lemons finally hit the market. With QLD grown lemons now coming into harvest our fruit options are certainly more favourable than they have been for the past few weeks. Prices are still rather high and expected to remain firm for the Christmas period. 


New Season South Australian grown Black figs are now available. The local Fig season is always a highlight in the market, with this years fruit proving to be a great hit with excellent tasting fruit coming out of the Riverland region. Availability will continue to strengthen leading into Christmas.Expect Adelaide Hills grown Figs to become available from mid- January into February.

Stone Fruit

Our Local South Australian Stone-Fruit continues to improve week on week with quality and availability. New season Apricots are now available along with Victorian grown Red Flesh Plums which we will run with up until late December/early January before we move across to our Adelaide Hills Plum varieties. Adelaide Hills Cherry season is also shaping up extremely well with fantastic quality cherries available that have magnificent flavour and size (26/28mm+). Based on where crops currently sit supply should be very strong leading into Christmas. 


Australian Grown Asparagus is now in its last month/s with crops beginning to slightly tapper off as the weather temperatures begin to rise. A few growers are already at the end of their season with remaining Asparagus growers starting to see lower yields. With this in mind we can expect prices to increase week on week until the end of the season. If temperatures do not reach any extremes over December then we would expect Australian Grown Asparagus to see us past Christmas and into the early new year. South American Grown Asparagus should be straight in at the end of our local season as long as there is no disruptions with air freight into Australia. 


Hand Picked Beans have also come back in price and quite a bit from last week. If weather remains consistent we would expect supply to continue quite well over the coming month. 


Whilst the Celeriac season has officially finished there is still some old season produce available on the market floor. Quality has been extremely average with very small sizes available. Both Parsnips and Kholrabi are in good supply should you require an alternative.