Spring produce is in full swing with all our favourite locally grown staples starting to become available as the weather warms up.


Melon varieties such as honeydew, rockmelon and seedless watermelon are still holding rather steady at the moment. Seedless watermelon quality is extremely good at the moment with more consistent medium to large sized fruit.
Rockmelon and honeydew are on the smaller side at the moment. We can expect to see an improvement in size as we head closer to November and, come December, into our local melon season.


New Season Kensington Pride Mangoes are continuing to improve as more fruit becomes available from the Northern Territory and QLD.
In our humble opinion the Kensington Pride is the best tasting mango all season. Whilst it doesn’t have the same characteristic red blush as newer varieties out of Queensland, the flavour is second to none.
Mangoes are currently a very good quality at the moment with pricing expected to come back as key growing areas come on board in the next few weeks and there is a noticeable increase in available produce.
We cane also expect to see more mango varieties become readily available like the super sized R2E2 mango which has just started this past week.


Sweetcorn supply has improved and become far more consistent than recent weeks. Quality is still excellent and prices have eased as new crops come into market and existing crops continue to increase.


Local Zucchini supply is also improving with more product becoming available as the weather continues to improve. The warmer days and evenings have definitely played in favour of zucchini and other lines such as Continental Cucumbers, Lebanese Cucumbers and Eggplant.


Locally grown red and yellow capsicums remain in short in supply. Whilst the quality is excellent we can expect prices to hold until supply increases. Expect to see supply improve towards the end of the month.


As the weather warms up locally grown tomatoes just flourish. Summer tomatoes have a full, rich colour and great flavour as they ripen beautifully on the vine and soak up the heat.
With the change in season we are seeing Gourmet tomato and Roma tomato supply improving, with various sizes now available for the gourmet (round) tomato. Large heirloom varieties will also begin to improve as the weeks progress. We will keep you informed and up to date with the varieties that are coming into harvest.


Local Potato crops are currently between seasons with new season Spring crops due to be harvested from this week onwards.
Expect the first crop of the season to be slightly smaller than usual as most local crops were affected by frost in August/September which stunted plant growth and has in-turn affected crop sizes. Kestrel Potato are among the worst of the shortages with supply expected to remain tight leading up to November.
This year look out for new season White Star Potatoes (an excellent chipping variety) and Red Skin Yellow Flesh varieties which are still in fair supply. New Season Royal Blue Potatoes are also expected to start mid-November.


As is typical this time of year lemon prices are beginning to rise as the local and Mildura grown fruit season comes to an end. This year QLD grown fruit is expected to start later than usual meaning we may have to supply USA Lemons to fill the gap in the Australian season.
As a guide lemon prices generally peak and spike around the Christmas period. In contrast Limes are increasing in supply with prices coming back considerably.