We love Spring (mainly because it means Summer is just around the corner). With the warmer weather upon us expect to see some lines tighten as we move between different growing regions, while other lines hit their stride and become readily available.

Australian Asparagus

The Australian Asparagus season is on and we have secured some of the best asparagus in market direct from the grower. We have an excellent supply, in various sizing with generous, perfectly formed heads. With the season now in full swing, prices have come back considerably. At this stage we can expect to see supply continuing to be strong into December.


Sweetcorn is still sporadic with both availability and price continuing to be extremely inconsistent. Expect pricing to be higher than normal as we continue to secure the best quality product available in market.


At the moment we are between winter and spring growing crops. This change in season means that produce has tightened slightly. With the season where it is not all sizing is consistently available with the medium/large size being the best sizing available to market. Whilst QLD produce is readily available at this time, where possible we continue to show our support for our local growers who grow a far superior product that will last longer and taste better.

Seedless Watermelon

We are also between growing schedules for Seedless watermelon which is now quite tight. New season QLD watermelon will start in the coming weeks which will ease pricing. This will follow up by locally grown SA produce which will be available over the summer period.

Blood Oranges

We are coming toward the end of the blood orange season. If you havn’t started already – nows the time to get your hands on the last of the seasons fruit and furiously start drying slices so you have stock well into Spring and early Summer. We are of course bitterly disappointed to see the Blood Orange season end, as gin and tonics just won’t be the same.
We can expect the season to finish within the next few weeks.