Potato Fries

Potato Fries


  • Organic potatoes
  • Lots of vegetable oil or peanut oil


Step 1

Peel potatoes. Cut into long chips (1.5cm thick) and pat potatoes dry.

Step 2

Pour the oil into a large saucepan, wok or deep-fryer. as a guide it should be half-full. Heat the oil (a medium to high heat). When you think it is ready drop in a small piece of potato skin. If the oil sizzles when dropped into oil your ready to start.

Step 3

Divide the chips into 3 batches and batch by batch drop into your oil. Each batch will take about 5 mins or until they start to colour. Once cooked use a slotted spoon to remove the chips from the oil. Repeat until all batches are cooked. Allow the oil to reheat between batches.

Step 4

Remove the oil from heat. Allow chips to cool for 10 mins.

Step 5

Once cooled re-heat your oil and cook chips a second time in 3 batches. This time cook chips for 7-10 mins per batch until golden. Repeat until all batches are cooked.

Step 6

Season with salt, a lil’ bit of fresh rosemary and serve.

Did you know?

Potatoes are incredibly filling, a good source of vitamins and minerals and naturally gluten free.