Native Fruits

Native Australian Fruits are some of the most decadent fruits in market. Whilst they are seasonal, and hard to get your hands on, they’re well worth the wait if you’re looking for fruits that have stunning visual impact and a powerful hit of flavour (and nutrition).
As well as the favourites like Finger Limes, the Davidson Plum, Quandongs and the Lily Pilly (or Riberry) we also source seasonal supplies of Native Currants, Native Plums (Kakadu Plum, Ilawarra Plums), Muntries and Native Limes (Red Centre Limes, Sunrise Limes, Desert Limes and Thick Skin Desert Limes).


Finger Limes are the caviar of fruit with their decadent jewel like, pearls bursting with a zesty, lemon-lime juice.

They are rich in folate, potassium and vitamin E with each Finger Lime containing around three times the amount of vitamin C that you would usually find in a mandarin.

Finger Limes are fresh and zesty with a slight tartness and astringency. These fruity, pearl droplets are an excellent substitute for the lemon or lime and make a gorgeous, citrus garnish. In addition Finger Limes are a standout when used to flavour dressing, jams, sauces and cocktails.


The Davidson Plum is Australia’s true native plum and traditional ‘bush tucker.’ The Davidson is an incredibly dark skinned plum with a very deep purple, black skin which opens to reveal a crimson, blood red flesh that has an unusual sourness owing to the fruits low sugar levels.

The Davidson Plum is a powerful superfood and an excellent source of potassium, vitamin E and zinc with high levels of antioxidants including anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is thought to protect against certain types of cancers and heart disease as well as assist in improving cognitive function. A true restorative fruit, containing many beneficial vitamins and nutrients required to promote good skin health and a dewy, glowing complexion. In addition the Davidson Plum is a source of calcium and has more Lutein than an avocado, Lutein being important for maintaining eye health with  studies revealing it to be a beneficial vitamin in treating macular degeneration and thought to provide improved visual function.

The plums flesh is soft and juicy with a very sharp acidity yet low sugar content. The Davidson is a particularly tart tasting plum that has an appealing earthy aroma making it a great stewing fruit that works particularly well in jams and sauces. The Davidson Plum makes great sweet and savoury dishes including baked tarts, yoghurts and ice creams.


The Quandong is Australia’s own native, wild peach that is easily one of the most popular native fruits.

Another native superfood with twice the amount of Vitamin C that you would find in an orange, and the powerful antioxidant Rutin. These two work together to eliminate free radicals and strengthen capillaries in protection the skin against the affects of ageing. In addition the Quandong is a source of vitamin E, folate, magnesium, calcium and phenolic antioxidants (an immune system booster thought to reduce inflammation and protect against cancer, provide cardiovascular benefits and ward off Alzheimer’s disease).

The Quandong has a refreshingly sweet taste that is balanced by a slightly sour after taste – it’s sweet and sour packaged into a fruit. Not surprisingly the Quandong is a great fresh eating fruit which also dries well for storing when out of season imparting an unusual, peachyness to desserts.


The Lilly Pilly is a small fruit much like a blueberry and has been a core food source for Native Australians living off the east coast of Australia. These delightful berries make a flavourful snack with a burst in your mouth, spicy freshness with notes of  clove and cinnamon.

As well as a food source the Lilly Pilly has been used as a medicinal berry in providing essential vitamins and minerals thought to boost immunity and fend off colds. These berries have three times the folate found in blueberries, are rich in manganese with high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is thought to protect against certain types of cancers and heart disease as well as assist in improving cognitive function.

Lilly Pilly is a great berry to add to a morning muesli (cause who doesn’t need to start the day with a boost of super goodness) and makes a great sauce, chutney or jam. As a spicy tasting fruit these berries work well with lamb, pork and chicken.