Micro Herbs

We have a complete range of locally grown micro herbs delivered direct from the Adelaide Hills. Their low food miles mean they’ll last longer and stand up well once picked, whilst making a dynamic display of colour instore and once plated.

Available potted and sleeved these brilliant micros make everything a lil’ bit fancy.


Amaranth (Red Garnet), Basil Genova, Basil Purple Fire, Beet Leaf Bulls Blood, Beet Leaf Ruby Queen, Cabbage Red, Celery, Coriander, Curled Chervil, Corn Salad (Mache), Cress Curled Wasabi, Kale Red Russian, Kale Toscano Black, Lemon Balm, Mint, Miztique F1, Mizuna, Mizuna Purple Glory, Parsley Italian, Radish Pink Stem, Radish Purple Sango, Red Oarch, Rocket, Shiso Green, Shiso Red, Sorrel Micro Vein, Tatsoi Green, Tatsoi Purple, Watercress.