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Vibrant basil with a slightly sweet and tender flavour profile that adds a depth of flavour to any dish. Basil is an essential herb in Italian food and commonly used in tomato sauce, pesto and sprinkled over salads.

  • Store your fresh Basil in a cool dry place (and not the refrigerator) as blasts of cold air will quickly turn basil leaves black.

    Most fresh herbs freeze well, which is handy if you’ve gone and bought the biggest bunch of seasonal herbs… but only needed a few leaves. To freeze always thoroughly wash your herbs, leaving them to dry on a paper towel. Once partially dry, chop finely and pop them in an ice cube tray, filling the tray with water. Good herbs to freeze include dill, parsley, coriander and chives.

    Another option is to dry your fresh herbs. Simply tie them in a bunch and hang upside down in a cool, dry place. Particularly good drying herbs include Rosemary, thyme, marjoram, mint and oregano.

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