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As passionate growers, P’Petual are leaders in their field, continually researching and trialling new varieties to ensure they’re growing and supplying the best produce available to market (with a few fresh, healthy and new varietal surprises along the way). We’re so in love we’re stocking the entire AusFresh P’Petual range.

A little bit about P’Petual…

P’Petual was established in November 1997 and is an industry pioneer in greenhouse farming in Australia. They are one of the largest greenhouse vegetable growers in Australia and their greenhouses are located in Buckland Park on the Adelaide Plains, 32 kilometres north of the city of Adelaide in South Australia.

P’Petual grows and markets a wide variety of greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants and their produce can be found 365 days a year in leading supermarkets and greengrocers all around Australia.

All of their 12 hectares (120,000m2) of greenhouses are modern and are equipped with the latest specialised equipment.

Benefits of Tomatoes:

  • Natural source of fibre
  • Help to protect heart health
  • Great source of Vitamin C, K and A
  • Boost digestive health
  • Pair well with: Mediterranean-inspired flavours or eaten as a snack!

Benefits of Cucumbers:

  • Low in calories and high in important vitamins and minerals
  • Source of antioxidants
  • Promotes hydration
  • May lower blood sugar levels
  • Pair well with: Great in salads, as a snack with hummus, cheese, dairy and spices.

Benefits of Eggplants:

  • Great source of vitamins and minerals
  • Helps with digestion
  • Improves heart health
  • Increases brain functioning and bone health
  • Pairs well with: Eggplants are super versatile, pairing well with pastas, salads, roasts, spices, cheeses and meat.

To find out more, head to the P’Petual website here.