Pink Fir Apple

Qualities: Elongated shape, pale pink skin, firm, waxy
Ideal Use: Salads, boiling

A heritage variety, Pink Fir Apple fingerling potatoes are long, narrow and famously knobbly. The skin is part pink and part white with a firm flesh. They have a wonderful nutty, earthy flavour and are great boiled, steamed or in salads.

Red Pontiac

Qualities: Round shape, red skin, white flesh
Ideal Use: Boiling, chipping, baking

The Red Pontiac ( also known as Dakota Chief), is a red-skinned early main crop potato variety. The potatoes are deep-eyed and round with dark red skin and white waxy flesh. The skin colour can fade significantly, leaving only the eyes as red.

Ranger Russet

Qualities: Slightly elongated and flattened, russet skin, white flesh
Ideal Use: Chipping, baking

The Ranger Russet is a late-maturing potato that is slightly flattened and elongated with a russet skin and white flesh. Its low moisture and high starch content make this potato ideal for frying. this is an excellent chipping or baking potato.

Purple Sapphire

Qualities: Oval shape, purple skin, purple flesh
Ideal use: Salads, steaming

This beautiful variety produces medium sized oval shaped potatoes with purple skin and purple flesh. They have good flavour and retain colour when cooked. A versatile variety for potato salads but also for mashing, steaming, boiling, roasting and salads.