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Daintree Fresh Produce is here!

During the Winter months, our favourite summer fruits are super hard to find in any grocery store or market. To fill the gap of our long-lost (but not forgotten) tropical summer fruits, Daintree Fresh have stepped in. Daintree Fresh offer a selection of our favourite summer produce, including watermelon and passionfruit. They even have pumpkins for an easy winter go-to veggie. The team at Daintree Fresh aim to produce the cleanest, greenest and best tasting watermelons and passionfruit for the market place (especially in Winter), whilst improving the farm soil continuously. The tropical nature of the Daintree area in QLD allows for farms to grow produce that we don’t always have access to during the colder seasons. With Daintree Fresh farms being surrounded by the perfect climate and great soil, they already become ahead of the game when it comes to producing summer fruits during the winter season.

One thing that connects both us and Daintree Fresh is that we all take great care in looking after our land and the produce it provides. Understanding the responsibility, with respect to the Barrier Reef catchment, that the team at Daintree Fresh have to live by is driven by the idea of ensuring a beneficial land for future generations is there and accessible. To ensure this, Daintree have been working very hard to absolutely minimise chemical use, which has resulted in almost eliminating all insecticide use on the farm for all domestic production.

Daintree Fresh are also incorporating fully composted compost and working closely with soil science to develop natural microbes in the soil to make healthy plants that resist disease. They have already had amazing results with 90% less chemical use between 2016 and 2019 season.

Daintree Fresh constantly aim to produce the cleanest, greenest and best quality produce for winter seasons, and every other time of year. Make the most of our Daintree Fresh produce with fresh, summer favourites available all winter long!

We simply can’t get enough of their great-tasting produce!

For more information, head to their website here.