While we are nearing the end of Autumn, there is still a great supply of popular cooler-weather fruit and veg. Find fresh favourites including Purple Brussels, Kalettes, Leeks, Sweet Potato, Pears, Apples, Pumpkins, and more!

Purple Brussels & Kalettes

 Purple makes a great contrast to all the green we’re seeing in market. Adelaide Hills Purple Brussels have now hit the market floor with Kalettes on the cusp of becoming available. Kalettes are mini hybrids of Kale and Brussels Sprouts. They look just like a teeny, tiny bunch of Purple Kale and add a real pop of colour to a stir fry making a curious side. If you’re after more purple you can’t go past a full head of Purple Curly Kale, brilliantly coloured Purple Caulies or the buxom Adora Seedless Table Grapes. 


 A consistent line all winter is the humble leek. Just like celery, South Australian leeks are an overly generous size with clean white stems that have been bred to be big. Leeks are a great choice for adding subtle flavour to winter warming pies, soups and stews. 

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes are a winning and fairly consistent line throughout our cooler months with consistent sizes and attractive, clean skins. We have really seen growth in the sweet potato market of late, as they not only taste great they’re Low GI and have a host of healthy attributes making them a great, all round winter warmer. 

Sweet Broc

Sweet Broc is the newest form of broccoli to come into market. As the name would suggest, it’s a sweeter variety with generous, tender stalks that are a bit sweeter and a bit bigger. The easiest way to cook is to char grill on the bbq (with a lil’ salt and oil) so they crisp up. As with Baby Broc you can also roast, steam or chop up the stalks and add to a pasta or risotto. Enjoy! 

Cauli Blossoms

Cauli blossoms are what you would imagine should you cross a Cauliflower with a head of Broccoli. They have the fluffiest looking white heads that stand out against their willowy green stems. Cook these snowy white blossoms (stems and all) and relish in their delightful sweetness and delicious, creamy texture. 


We’ve just received the cutest delivery in store – Celerette. Celerette is basically celery in miniature. It’s juicy, sweet and crunchy, giving a sense of freshness to all dishes, whether raw or cooked. Conveniently small, celerette can be stored well without any waste! Because it is less stringy, Celerette is much easier to crunch than traditional celery.


Pumpkin pie anyone? 

When the leaves turn that brilliant orange, pumpkins are bound to be plentiful. Pumpkins are a great line that’s readily available at the moment. Fruit is excellent quality and extremely well priced across all varieties. 

Naels, Lemons & Limes…Oh My!

Whilst supply and prices have been a little hot and cold of late, we are now seeing citrus lines start to settle down as we kick off the winter citrus season. 

The first of the Riverland Navels are also now in season with Riverland Mandarin varieties starting to trickle through. The Riverland really is Australia’s premier citrus growing region producing well coloured fruit that has great flavour. 

If you’re looking for something more tart you can’t go past grapefruit with the Pink variety always a favourite for its rosy glow and subtle tartness. 

We’re still at the start of the season so there’s only more to come making this a great line to introduce onto the menu now. 


Adelaide Hills Pomegranate’s are in season and the perfect touch to add a little jewel and sparkle to the plate. Fruit is a super, generous size and well coloured owing to the fairly steady weather we have had whilst fruit has been maturing. 

Golden Kiwifruit

The Golden Kiwifruit is here! 

Visually, you’ll see a fairly striking difference between the Green and Gold Kiwi varieties. Whilst the Green Kiwi has a fuzzy brown skin and oval shape, in contrast the Golden Kiwi Fruit has a smooth, hairless skin that’s a nice golden-brown color.

The flesh of the Golden Kiwifruit is a vibrant yellow color with a tropically sweet taste that will have you thinking it’s summer.


The favourite pears are now in market including the brilliant Autumnal colours of the Corella Pear and the PiqaBoo Pear. The PiqaBoo is a distinctive pear with a gorgeous, red skin which has a delightful orange blush. The flesh is the real surprise being super crisp – much like a Nashi Pear – deliciously juicy and oh so sweet! 


Apple season is on with all your favourite varieties now in market including the Pink Lady and later fruiting, new season Fuji with their honey, citrus, and pear tasting notes. 

Fuji apples have a taste and texture very similar to the Asian Pear, but slightly more crisp and tart making them one of the most refreshing apple varieties. 

Owing to ideal growing conditions across the Adelaide Hills we have been rewarded with generous sized fruit with new season Fujis and Pink Lady’s being the pick of the crop. 

Good Supply

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