Autumn is well and truly here, with a great supply of fresh produce now available, including plenty of your autumn favourites. The cooler weather will be bringing in Persimmons, Oranges, Mandarins, Brussel Sprouts, Rhubarb and plenty of green leafy veggies.

Oranges & Mandarins

QLD Mandarins are hitting the market floor tomorrow. The first mandarins of the season are the Queensland grown Imperials. The Imperials are a great tasting mandarin, with a thin, easy to peel skin. Their downside is they are a seeded variety and that they don’t tend to hold as well as later Mandarin varieties. Valencia Oranges are due to finish in the next few weeks with first season QLD Navels to follow shortly after. It’s not all good news, as due to QLD weather issues, the season is behind with a gap in market expected between when Valencias finish and the first of the Navels commence their respective season. In addition, growers are finding it difficult to source enough pickers which could mean a slow start to the season. Your sales representative will be able to keep you abreast of the situation. 


 Arriving straight from QLD, the Ruby Red and Yellow Grapefruit varieties are in season. They’re a good size, have great colour and a nice tartness. 


Everyone loves to have a bit of an adventure, making our in-season and locally sourced Persimmons a unique and wild ride for your taste buds. Local produce is in great supply, but only for a short time so don’t miss out!


Pears are making their way into the market so say goodbye to our early varieties (goodbye Duchess Pears), and hello to our winter favourites. The Packham Pear will replace the Duchess Pear, this being a great all-round variety which will be with us for most of the year. Also available are the Red Sensation, Beurre Bosc, 20th Century Nashi and Corella pear varieties. The Corella is one of the most attractive pear varieties showing off its classic curves and showy green to yellow skin and famed red blush. It’s not only an aesthetically pleasing pear but its pale, white flesh offers a subtly sweet, creamy taste. Another favourite is the Red D’Anjou. This bold red pear is a stand-out variety that’s expected to arrive to market in the next few weeks. 


Apple season is on, and what better way to spend it than by getting amongst all the apple varieties on offer. New season varieties include the Royal Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji and Kanzi Apples. Fuji Apples are past the less desirable early season variety, so expect a crisp flesh and sweet, tarty flavours. Kanzi Apples are sweet in flavour and have an especially juicy centre. They’ve got a distinctive shape, with a blend of green and red colouring to the skin. Pink Lady’s are not far away, with new season produce expected to arrive toward the end of next week. 


Local rhubarb is in season, with our favourite variety, the Cherry Red now available. the Cherry red variety has elegant, thin red stalks that are a bold red. Grown in the Adelaide Hills this is the tastiest rhubarb with a sweetness like no other and tender stalks.


Patience is key, but we know how hard it can be to wait for the admirable Hass Avocado to come back into season. QLD Hass Avocados will be available in approximately 2 weeks. In the meantime, other avocado varieties including the Shephard and Maluma. Shephard. The Maluma variety looks akin to the Hass, with the same dark skin but a slightly less creamier flesh. 

Green Kalamata Olives

Fresh green Kalamata Olives are currently in season, but they’re only here for a short time, not a long time. Kalamata Olives are believed by many to be heaven-sent, meaning they’re a very popular fruit enjoyed in a variety of ways. If this line is of interest, get in quick! 


Broccoli is in-season and in great supply. This wholesome veggie is super versatile, and works well in soups, stir-frys or in a roast vegetable medley during the cooler months. Expect supply and quality to remain stable across the winter months. 

Brussel Sprouts

Greens are in full swing this winter season, with Adelaide Hills grown purple Kalettes and Red Brussels Sprouts expected to come to market in the next few weeks. Kalettes are mini hybrids of Kale and Brussels Sprouts. They look just like a teeny, tiny bunch of Purple Kale and add a real pop of colour to a stir fry and make a curious side. 


Local season Celeriac has just started, with great supply already coming through. Offering nice, big and generous sized heads, this veggie will be hard to pass up on. Celeriac offers a celery-like, apple flavour, so it’s great as an addition to warm salads or as a potato-like mash. 


Local produce is in full swing, with our locally grown SA Celery bigger than ever. Celery is a great value line throughout the cooler months and is at its absolute best right now with big heads and crisp stalks. Celery is a very stable line that is well priced that makes a great addition to the Winter menu as well as a lovely, light garnish for food and drinks. 


Get nutty this Autumn with our now available and in-season Chestnuts. The nut itself offers a sweet, creamy white flesh, making these nuts perfect to roast by the campfire. The strong, nutty flavour gives just about any sweet or savoury dish the flavour-kick it needs, so test your limits, they’re a great addition raw desserts! 

Green Leafy Veg

The cooler months are always a great time for winter leafy veg to be used in an abundance of meals. Our wide variety of available leafy greens includes Bok Choy/ Choy Sum and Silverbeet. Perfect to toss through salads or add to an Asian-inspired stir-fry.