About Merchant St Wholesalers

We have deep roots bedded in the produce industry having been trading in fresh produce since 1976.

To this day the same family continues to trade fresh and pre packaged product out to shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, cafes, food service and everywhere in between – looking after all wholesale avenues requiring the finest, fresh produce.

We continue to uphold a strong reputation in supplying consistent quality, premium produce each and every day of the week to ensure your fresh delivery looks as good as it tastes.

Supplying produce that is not only better for our bodies, but also better for the environment.

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As a quality wholesaler for food we have built a reputation in supplying best product to market. As truly passionate people, we love to keep learning, exploring and developing. To this end we look to be first in market and as such look to new and exciting products to add to our growing portfolio, from specialist micro herbs and heirloom varieties to South Australian natives and more.

To support this Merchant St Wholesalers is more than just a wholesaler. We have invested into Australian farms and growers to ensure consistent supply of quality produce with established planned growing programs. This has been the only way to successfully uphold a reputation in the supply of consistent quality produce that looks, lasts and tastes better. 


With a strong media focus on what we eat and food security, not just in Australia but worldwide, there has never been a better time to start to question how fresh is your fresh produce delivery, and how traceable is the food that you eat.

Does what you feed yourself, your family and your customers meet the Australian health and safety recommendations as to how it’s grown, packed and delivered providing you every assurance and confidence that what you are plating up is safe?

We are passionate about the health of the food we deliver. This is why we only collaborate with a pool of select, innovative growers so we can consistently deliver quality, fresh produce.

Be assured that any product sold through Merchant St Wholesalers is grown in accordance to HARPS with all organic produce independently certified as being truly organic by NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) – the primary organic regulatory body recognised in Australia.

In addition everything we sell is traceable – every step of the way. From farm, to pack, to delivery with independent audits and checks to ensure food integrity and absolute food safety. This ensures our produce is not just fresh, but honest as well.